ILeana Piszk

My works tend towards abstraction and as such, make their inscription in the so-called action painting that tries to express through color and matter, sensations such as speed and energy movement, in which the brutal character of the lines and gestural deletions are emphasized, splashes spontaneously without pre-set schemes.
Action painting is an abstract pictorial current and the term was used by Harold
Rosenberg-1952-although it was used in 1912 and 1929 to designate the first abstract compositions of Vassily Kandinsky. Even though it is gestural painting, it has its roots in the automatic expressions of the Surrealists, it is not the technique that differentiates them, but the one that is presented.
My work is inscribed in tachismo, a word derived from French and that means stain, it is an informal painting that takes place in Europe in 1944. It evokes the reality attenuated by the expression of the line and the lyrical color. It uses sign abstract works freely found, such as that of the artist Hartung, among others: Georges Mathieu, Jean Dubuffet, Nicholas de Stael, Serge Poliakoff, among others.
My motivations come from the environment, from the exuberant nature that surrounds me and fascinates me; To this, the emotions and vital rhythms that flood me and move me from the bowels are united. In this way, in my works, the internal and external nature reach a representation charged with energy, movement and light.

Atardecer en el Caribe II
100cm x 80cm
Acryl on canvas
€ 1.760,-

Atardecer en el Caribe I
100cm x 80cm
Acryl on canvas
€ 1.760,-

Academic Experience:

2014-2016: Studies in Engraving with expert Felipe Cortés

2012: Personalized curatorial monitoring with independent curator Xiomara Zúñiga (professor and researcher from the University of Costa Rica)
2011 Specialized seminar in conceptual art with Argentine artist and teacher Perla Bajder
2004- 2010: Contemporary Painting Workshop with expert José Pablo Solís (Director, School of Painting, National University of Costa Rica)
1998-2003: Painting Workshop with Costa Rican expert Guillermo Porras
1982-1984: Studies in artistic ceramic at the School of Fine Arts, University of Costa Rica

Individual Exhibits

2017: “Contra Viento y Marea”, Valanti Gallery. Art Café, Costa Rica Country Club, San Jose 
Costa Rica
2016: “Retrospectiva Dart”, Baccus Gallery and Restaurant, Santa Ana Costa Rica
2011: “La mirada código ancestral”, Mexico-Israel Cultural Institute, México, DF (Itinerance, Sefardi Community Center, Maguen David Community Center)
2010: “Cantos de paz”, Pedro Gerson Gallery, Centro Deportivo Israelita, México, DF
2009: “Angel urbano”, Inés Gutiérrez Gallery, San Jose, Costa Rica
2006: “Juego y movimiento”, Baccus Restaurant, San Jose, Costa Rica
2004: “Reciclajes”, Habitarte Gallery, San Jose, Costa Rica

Collective Exhibits

2016: Collective “Los Siete Pecados Capitales”, Itinerant, Fine Arts, University of Costa Rica, Engraving.

2016: Collective “Noche Brasileña”, National Gallery. San Jose, Costa Rica
Engraving “Mujer Art Flow”, Escazú, Costa Rica
“Con el Arte todo se puede”, Aymi Foundation. Museum of Jade. Costa Rica
Sumarte, El Salvador MARTE Museum of Art, El Salvador
2015: International Miniprint Graphic File Workshop. Cadaqués, Spain
“Tetografía 5ta Bienal Wonderwoman Riga Blanco y Negro”, National Gallery, San Jose, Costa Rica
Sumarte El Salvador MARTE Art Museum, El Salvador
2014: International Miniprint Graphic File Workshop. Lessedra, Bulgaria
“Jerusalem de Oro”. Mexico Israel Cultural Institute- Maguen David Community Center- Contemporary Mexican Cultural Center.
“Lenguaje sustancial”. Primer Salón Anual ACAV. Casa del Cuño, San Jose,Costa Rica
“La Palabra integrada a Libroarte”, Mark Twain Library, Costa Rican-North American Cultural Center. San Jose, Costa Rica
2012: “Redes”, Primer Encuentro Internacional ACAV-FIA, Former Customs Building, San Jose, Costa Rica. Expert curator Xiomara Zúñiga
2010- 2011: “Identidad y diversidad”, (13 painters illustrating poetry from 13 poets for the Latin American catalogue book which represents contemporary Jewish art. Itinerant exhibit, supervised by Steve Sadow from the University of Pennsylvania, of Argentine artist Perla Bajder and Argentine curator Irene Jaievski
2010: “Cantos de paz”, National Gallery, Costa Rica, invited by the Israel Embassy to commemorate the independence of the State of Israel
2009- 2010: “Renacer, pintura en vivo en la montaña”, Poas Hillside, Costa Rica. Exhibit and auction for the benefit of the Poas earthquake victims
2010-2012: “Nostalgias y vivencias”. Barrio Amón, San Jose, Costa Rica, to rescue values. Carried out by ACAV jointly with the Technological Institute of Costa Rica

Teaching Experience:

Private painting lessons for teenagers and adults for the last 5 years in my workshop

Published Work:

“Identidad femenina (crítica a la poesía de Ana Istarú)”, Social Sciences Magazine, UCR, 1982

News stories in Costa Rica, in newspapers La Nación, La Prensa Libre, Revista Estilos and Casas
News stories in Mexican newspapers, Cdi, maguen, Mexico Israel Cultural Center


2012: Selected due to her work “La vida …imperdible” for the Canadian BRA PROJECT, carried out by Zona Entrenarte and Automercado, Costa Rica. Campaign for the detection and prevention of breast cancer

2011: Special guest to participate in the SUMARTE BIENNIAL, San Salvador, El Salvaldor
2009: 3rd place in the Public’s taste, from a total of 35 renowned artists at the exhibit and auction “Renacer “ carried out for the benefit of the Poas earthquake victims

Public Artwork:

2018: Acquisition of the artwork “Paseantes II” by: A.T. Tolley Collection Carletom University Art, Gallery, Ottawa, Director: Sandra Dyck

2011: “La mirada código ancestral” is part of the public Jewish art collection “Identity and Diversity” which is currently itinerant throughout North America and Latin America, directed by Steve Sadow
2011: The artwork “Hatikva” is part of the collection at Maguen David Community Center, Mexico
2009: The artwork “Pasos seguros” exhibited at the Guachipelin elementary school, San Josë, Costa Rica, was carried out in the context of the workshop for the prevention of traffic accidents, promoted by the National Art Advisory (Gina Marín) of the Public Education Ministry, San Jose, Costa Rica.